The NS Group company is a home for technology professionals who have successful background and experience delivering the world-class smart-home solutions to the European customers and beyond. From the network foundation to the personalized touches that make your house a dream home, our experts bring the top-end solutions in designing and installing home automation systems that are matched perfectly to the lifestyle of any individual or company.

We clearly understand the needs to drive innovation from within your lifestyle philosophy – but need help operationalizing and executing this. Innovation now needs to be the heart and the soul – and our guild community on your behalf as a global brain trust of specialists, will keep eyes on the horizon of opportunity.

We support our customers in making sure there is a strategy to ensure innovations can impact across the business and make it onto the roadmap – not just in silos where innovations make limited impact.


Interior design depends upon effectively matching function with beauty. Only by crafting something unique you make a design stand out.

The NS Group delivers the best authentic solutions with the top-end products designed and crafted in Ukraine – the heart of Europe – so you can ensure you get these personal touches in a very proper way. Choose your style, finish, size and let our bespoke design service help you.


04050, Ukraine, Kiev,
Dehtiarivska St, 8А, 1st floor, office 5


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