The NS Group product range of switches and frames combine the most diverse design interfaces with innovative, safe technology, and the greatest possible choice of functions. Our global partnership with the world-leading Corian®company delivers the largest, most versatile selection of products available in contemporary surfacing for home interiors.

The Corian® has pushed the boundaries of innovation for industry, inventing science-based materials and technologies that offer superior solutions and open up new markets. This track record of successful innovation has made a major contribution – both practically and aesthetically – to a wide range of products, projects and industries around the world.



The Corian® is an advanced, mineral-filled acrylic material. Homogeneous, with colour going all the way through, it has a distinctive finish and a fascinating interaction with light. Whatever the nature of your home project, the Corian® enables complete creative freedom. We can engrave it, form it into virtually any shape, and specify it in a huge range of colours. Whether you envisage undulating curves, organic shapes or bold effects using colour and translucency, we can realize your vision in Corian® surfaces.

The Corian® perfectly exemplifies this contribution. Originally invented to offer a higher performance alternative to conventional surfacing materials, today it is internationally recognised for its impact on the interior design world. The Corian® is renowned for its exceptional versatility, reliability, elegance and almost limitless design possibilities. From bathrooms to spas, bars to wall-cladding, reception desks to lighting, it adds unique value, character and sophistication to the interior design.

Kind to the environment

The Corian® surfaces have received significant independent certifications for its environmental performance (such as GreenGuard®, NAHB North American Builders Association, U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating System, Scientific Certification Systems, and Ecospecifier). The material’s hygienic performance has also been certified by prestigious independent institutions; the Corian® has been certified according to ISO 14001.

The light switches are especially easy to install. Since the operator interfaces are easily replaced, safety is retained – even when tastes or the environment change.


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